Subject RE: [firebird-php] Nigel's Ajax demo
Author Nigel Weeks
> Interesting niggle - click again and it displays properly
> Seems to be something that 'alternates' Nigel. I did some
> fast clicking
> round and managed to crash Firebird :( but that was probably
> PHP which
> is not 100% if you keep interrupting it.
> I've seen the error - only on JOB and ER but only very intermittently!

I now trim all tablenames before they get put into queries, just in case
it's causing hassles with tables that have been created with "" around the

I'll send you through an update off-list.

As for crashing Firebird - well done! You run Apache 2, don't you?
I use Apache 1.3.29 and Firebird CS - no threads to be seen
anywhere...thusly no crashes either.

If I get time, I'll put together a box with Apache 2, PHP, and Firebird SS,
and see if I can bust it.