Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: php_firebird.dll; was: Open Source Database Conference 2005
Author Jochem Maas
Lester Caine wrote:
> paulruizendaal wrote:
>>>As a PHP tyro, does this mean that we will eventually see both
>>>php_firebird.dll and fbclient.dll being distributed, either with or
>>>without the official PHP distro, in the near future?
>>As I understand from Lester, what is 'official' PHP is a bit up in
>>the air right now.
> The driver supplied with PHP5 is stable and much more feature rich than
> PHP4 - which was frozen some time ago. If you want full Firebird support
> you use PHP5 .full stop. ;)
>>Yes, it is my intention to create such a dll, time permitting. So far
>>I have not bothered to get in touch with the php_interbase
>>maintainers, perhaps I should. On the other hand, I think people
>>appreciate it more when you come to the table with working code --
>>otherwise I just sound like I want potentially irrelevant work done
>>for free.
> If you are not using the PHP code base then we need to know just what
> functions are available. And if you want me to run any compatibility
> tests the I need something not bundled - that can be run with PHP5!
> Having to use the Apache2 installer is bad enough and get ssh security
> running :)
>>>Sooner or later, I feel this will have to happen, especially as the
>>>two products diverge. It would be nice (imo) to see it happen
>>>sooner, so that FB has official support and is not treated as just
>>>a derivative of IB.
>>Agree, that is a pain in my eye too. Also, with Vulcan-stuff and wire-
>>protocol enhancements around the corner, we better get through this
>>hassle sooner than later.
> Ard is the official maintainer and has done all the work on the PHP5
> builds. He needed to maintain compatibility with Interbase because of (I
> believe) paying customers, but we could not provide any good reason to

not true. Ard has never used the interbase AFAIK. all his work on the
extension was aimed at scratching an itch regarding firebird... but the
extension already called ibase and the implemented featureset in firebird
was at the time identical so he left it as it was and created fbird_*
aliases of all the functions for neatness and to show that a split should
be forth coming at some time in the future.

it maybe (called) the interbase extension but in reality firebird is
very much the driving force! if anything interbase support is the derivative,
personally I have never come accross anyone using the extension with anything
other than firebird!

> split things even with version 1.5. All the PHP manuals show
> Firebird/Interbase and my own ADOdb driver is Firebird specific and you
> don't see the underlying functions, so php_interbase.dll is not a
> problem - at present.
> If I spend any time on a new PHP driver it will be testing ADOdbLite but
> when your driver is ready to go with PHP5 I'll happily have a look but
> it must be on my own Apache2/PHP5 standard setup which is running on a
> large number of sites :)