Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: php_firebird.dll; was: Open Source Database Conference 2005
Author Lester Caine
paulruizendaal wrote:

>>The driver supplied with PHP5 is stable and much more feature rich
>>than PHP4 - which was frozen some time ago. If you want full
>>Firebird support you use PHP5 .full stop. ;)
> Yes, I understand that there will need to be both a PHP4Server and a
> PHP5Server; or perhaps a version with both 4 and 5 installed. It adds
> about 1MB to the installer size and the web server used can handle
> domain specific MIME bindings. The hoops we have to go through to
> solve other people's mess. Sigh...
> My feeling is that the PHP5 dll is a further development of the PHP4
> version and that creating a version that will work with both 4 and 5
> is not all that difficult. I need to contact Ard, I think.
The PHP4 code base has had no work on it for some time !
Only the PHP5 codebase is currently being maintained and has had all of
the major bugs cleared - by Ard ;)
If you are based on the PHP4 code, then I doubt that my own applications
will run since they rely on things like -
and ibase_trans is modified to handle multiple database connections ;)

>>If you are not using the PHP code base then we need to know just
>>what functions are available.
> Ah, I used too grand words. It was actually built from the PHP code
> base. Changing names & dll bindings is not very much work at all.
In which case it has to be rebuilt for every version of PHP - which is
why the official builds are maintained as part of the PHP development
tree. Personal forks need to be identified as such, and may need
independent certification. It's take me 12 months to get PHP5 approved
by my customers and I still have get each version update approved before
we can deploy it :(

Lester Caine
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