Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: PHP server for Firebird
Author Lester Caine
paulruizendaal wrote:

>>>Perhaps we should use PHP 5 instead of PHP 4/
>>PHP4 is of little use with Firebird, only PHP5 has all of
>>the 'nice' Firebird facilities surfaced in the module. I've been
>>stung a couple of times with missing features when trying to
>>maintain backwards compatibility.
> I thought about that, but it was the feeling that many major PHP
> packages were still dependend on PHP4. Has that changed in the last
> months? Would you reckon that the PHP community has now by and large
> moved across to PHP5 ?
Religious wars :(
The PHP4 camp are now porting back changes from PHP5.1 which is why
4.4.0 broke a large number of sites! ISP's update to the latest without
telling users, and all hell breaks out.
It's the same problem as Apache1 and 2. PHP5 was all I ever used, from
the pre-releases, since I started my switch from C++ at 'the right time'
but NOW we have PHP4.3, PHP4.4, PHP5.0, PHP5.1 and PHP6 - take your
pick. I'm sticking with 5.0 for the time being until some sanity returns!

>>>>Will ibWebAdmin run on the package?
>>>Yes, just unzip it into the C:\phpserver-0.8\web directory and
>>>you are done.
>>And try and set it up ;)
>>It might be worth including THAT in the package - with a correctly
>>configured '' for the setup. It will give a
>>good demonstration of what can be done with PHP!
> Thought about that too, but the following held me back:
> - what db-path should I config? Just to a demo db?
> - how to find the path to isql & friends? I could make the installer
> derive it from the global FIREBIRD env var on Windows, but how on
> Linux?
> Perhaps ibWebAdmin should have a config page so that the user can set
> these paths without having to deep dive into
I have a nice installer in bitweaver but it asks for the location of
isql so it can create a blank database. Some 'demo' settings in Firebird
would be useful, such as a DEMO alias that matches the examples location?

>>( I must get the demo site up to version 1.0, but it will be
>>staying on Apache2 :) )
> You mean that two shorts posts from a relative stranger was not
> sufficient to make you throw out a trusted configuration in favour of
> a development release? Man, you are conservative :^)
The demo site is a couple of releases out of date, and the firebird
archive copy should be updated to include the latest bug fixes. So it's
not a development release, and if people find problems - we need to know
anyway :)

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services