Subject ibase_execute arguments, HELP
Author Erik Raul Chan Silveira
Hello People, Good Morning (afternoon or night):

Im trying to do a script for importing text data to any table in a FB

I create the INSERT statement by reading table name & fields names,

$statement = 'INSERT INTO TableA (Field1, Field2, Field3) VALUES
(?, ?, ?)';
(this is the easy part), then:

$stmt = $statement;
$trans =ibase_trans();
$prep = ibase_prepare($stmt) or die("Incorrect stmt ...");

while(!feof($file)) {
$line = trim(fgets($file, 1024));
$arrValues = array();

/*process to obtain the values from the line....*/
$arrValues['Value'][] = 'XXX ';
$arrValues['Value'][] = '100.00';
$arrValues['Value'][] = 'ZZZZ';
/*at the end of this process i have a array with the values for
the fields*/

$obj = ibase_execute($prep, $arrValues['Value']) or $error = 1;
if($error == 1){
echo "\n" .print_r($arrValores);

} //while

The error Im obtaining is "function.ibase-execute: statement expects
3 arguments, 1 given in ..."
(Of course the number 3 is depending on the table in process.)

Is there a way to doit with arrays or how can I accomplish it ?

Please, help me. Im very new to PHP.

Thanks in advance,

Erik Raul