Subject RE: [firebird-php] PHP and transactions
Author Alan McDonald
> Alan McDonald wrote:
> >>ADOdb!
> >>Someone had simply disabled transactions altogether to get things
> >>to work ;)
> >>This has a StartTrans() and CompleteTrans() which work very nicely in
> >>wrapping the transaction (and 'emulating' transactions where the
> >>database does not support them), and switching the query to use the
> >>transactionID. In fact everything works nicely - except that the
> >>original default Transaction does not see any changes made in the inner
> >>transactions.
> >>I have a fix for the immediate problem, which is just to read the new
> >>data before completing the transaction, but it seems that there IS
> >>something missing by way of a 'Refresh', which I can emulate by closing
> >>and re-opening the connection :(
> >>
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> >>Lester Caine
> >
> > hmmm, ezSQL doesn't have this problem :-)
> So how does it get round it?
> The 'problem' is with the ibase_ transactions ;)
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> Lester Caine
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it doesn't start transactions of it's own - only the default one. You can
start a none default one yourself and you can commit the default one where
you like.
Sounds like ADOdb is not using the default trans at all.