Subject Re: [firebird-php] PHP and query plans
Author Jochem Maas
Nigel Weeks wrote:
>>>Forgive me if I've caused you
>>>personal offence.
>>no offence taken really - and I'm sure the guy who wrote the
>>extension doesn't care much either - having said that I
>>consider him a friend and his work on the firebird extension
>>is top notch - its disappointing to see that so few people
>>appriciate (spelling?) that.
> It is top notch, I'll certainly say that! I just though I must have been
> missing something.
>>>At least I had the decency to check the sources before I

which reminds me .... I ran into a datetime formatting related
bug that appeared due to the system version of sprintf (or was it strfrtime?) no
longer being available (because php itself was changed to use it's own internal
version due, I believe, to the OS specific versions not be consistent or something)
I showed it to Ard sometime last month - must ask him how that panned out.
<consider this a reminder to self>

>>simply jumped
>>>in with questions.
>>you didn't ask questions you made a statement and a rather
>>brief one at that, which gave the indication that you were
>>bemoaning the fact that some fringe functionality that's
>>primarily designed to be used by database designers to tune
>>db schemas and queries is not supported by the php wrapper
>>extension (which is primarily designed to allow user access -
>>and I would suggest that queries being run via php should
>>have been optimized/designed with proper tools assuming that
>>the queries/db is complex enough and/or the project large
>>enough to warrant that kind of optimization).
> The project's getting big(, and I'm just

that does look impressive - I guess I own it to you (and myself :-) to download
and explore your work (its on my list of must do things). actually it makes me a
little self conscious about the fact that
I have not yet got it together to open source the firebird/php project I have been
working on for quite some time now (I started it with the Ard, the developer of
the ibase extension around the time he was working hard on the extension itself.)

basically I have a generic tool that allows relational editing of firebird database
contents via editing screens/grid that functionally _exceed_ any activeX datagrid
you care to mention (and it's a pure DHTML) - all driven by very consise data class
definitions (they go way beyond simple 1on1 table/class mapping - supporting PFKs, one2many and
many2many relationship, bla bla bla)

> concerned it's gonna 'bite me on the bum' in a while, if I can't suggest
> things to the Optimiser(which is very good, and does an amazing job on
> horrible designs). I haven't needed it yet(a few projects in my portfolio),

funny that, I have a table (called BIKE) in one of my DBs that contains over 20
calculated fields which in turn reference other tables (and SPs also) that themselves
are made up of many calculated fields - the circular references alone were so heavy that
It causes firebird to crash if I do 'SELECT * FROM BIKE' - I showed it to Ard and
he confirmed that it's a bug in the actual engine (regardless of the fact that my design
might just suck!) - I should fill a bug report but I'm a little lacking in the skills
to produce a decent bugreport (compounded by the fact that there is NDA on the DB schema

> but I might...

have you actually tried passing PLAN clauses? (maybe a stupid question)
the extension should pass your complete query thru to firebird as is...

I'll admit I'm a little out of my depth regarding 'passing suggestions
to the optimizer' ... but I'm very earger to learn ... lots of read to do it seems!

>>try this:
>>as recommended by your friendly firebird extension developer ;-)
>>and/or maybe you could share with us what it is you are
>>trying to achieve, and maybe why... then we could have a real
>>discussion :-)
> Thanks!

having taken a quick glance at your project it's obvious you have something
very interesting going on - I, for one, would very much appriciate hearing more
about and hearing any and all questions and ideas you have!

(did I mention that this list needs more talk about using/abusing php/firebird
as opposed to just installing them ;-)

kinds regard,

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