Subject RE: [firebird-php] PHP and query plans
Author Nigel Weeks
> > Forgive me if I've caused you
> > personal offence.
> no offence taken really - and I'm sure the guy who wrote the
> extension doesn't care much either - having said that I
> consider him a friend and his work on the firebird extension
> is top notch - its disappointing to see that so few people
> appriciate (spelling?) that.

It is top notch, I'll certainly say that! I just though I must have been
missing something.

> > At least I had the decency to check the sources before I
> simply jumped
> > in with questions.
> you didn't ask questions you made a statement and a rather
> brief one at that, which gave the indication that you were
> bemoaning the fact that some fringe functionality that's
> primarily designed to be used by database designers to tune
> db schemas and queries is not supported by the php wrapper
> extension (which is primarily designed to allow user access -
> and I would suggest that queries being run via php should
> have been optimized/designed with proper tools assuming that
> the queries/db is complex enough and/or the project large
> enough to warrant that kind of optimization).

The project's getting big(, and I'm just
concerned it's gonna 'bite me on the bum' in a while, if I can't suggest
things to the Optimiser(which is very good, and does an amazing job on
horrible designs). I haven't needed it yet(a few projects in my portfolio),
but I might...

> try this:
> as recommended by your friendly firebird extension developer ;-)
> and/or maybe you could share with us what it is you are
> trying to achieve, and maybe why... then we could have a real
> discussion :-)