Subject Re: Installing FB1.5 on XAMPP (W2K, Apache 2, PHP5)
Author ublix2005
> > @Lester
> > The W2K is running in VMWare. It is a absolut fresh install
> > without any other software - only XAMPP 1.4.14 and FB 1.5.2 - all
> I've never actually bothered with XAMPP since all I wanted was
> and PHP, which install cleanly direct from their sites. I just
update on
> or the other as required.

Now, Lester, I have killed XAMPP and, as you, installed Apache and
PHP cleanly direct. And what happened: It does work! FB work correct
in my WAMP. Now I'm older a few day's and more richer with experience
- that's life ;-). Thanks for your help and thanks for the help of the
other people.