Subject Re[2]: [firebird-php] Installing GD2 lib on FC3 and PHP 4.3
Author Alex Stanciu
Hello Todd,

Thursday, July 14, 2005, 7:25:56 PM, you wrote:

> Milan -

> I installed the png source code into /usr/lib/png. So, I set
> --make-png-dir=/usr/lib/png, but I get the error that it cannot find
> png.h. The configure file has

> if test ! -f $GD_PNG_DIR/png.h; then
> { echo "configure: error: png.h not found." 1>&2; exit 1; }
> fi

> Do you know how I should change that?

> Todd

Well, as far as I know, you`ll need -devel packages installed

[root@s15170573 root]# rpm -qa |grep png

Do the same for jpeg, gif, whatever image support you need in GD.
Don`t use --make-png-dir, use --with-png-dir=/usr ( my case ). Search
all the -devel packages on, and download them. Let us know
the results :)