Subject RE: [firebird-php] Installing GD2 lib on FC3 and PHP 4.3
Author Alan McDonald
> Todd Cary wrote:
> > I really wish I could start this thread over! I feel I started
> down the
> > wrong path in the beginning: trying to modify rpm installed
> > applications. Now please correct me if I have misinterpreted what most
> > of you are saying. What I understand to be a good approach in setting
> > up a system is to start with a good core e.g. RH 9 or FC3 (I started
> > with RH 4 some years ago, so I have stuck with them) and install my own
> > Apache and customized php.
> Or, may I suggest another path:
> Install debian sarge, and type (as root) the following to get apache2,
> firebird1.5, the php4-interbase and the php-gd2 extension:
> apt-get install apache2-common firebird2-super libapache2-mod-php4
> php4-interbase php4-gd2

oh.. YES - how I love apt-get

> One command, no compiling.
> If you enable the bash_completion, you can even *see* by using the TAB
> key which packages are available.
> e.g. apt-get install php4-<TAB> gives me this:
> php4-apc php4-cgi-imap php4-cli php4-gd
> php4-ldap php4-pear php4-snmp php4-yaz
> php4-apd php4-cgi-ldap php4-common php4-gd2
> php4-maxdb php4-pear-log php4-sqlite
> php4-auth-pam php4-cgi-mcrypt php4-cups php4-gpib
> php4-mcal php4-pecl-ps php4-sqlrelay
> php4-cgi php4-cgi-mhash php4-curl php4-idn
> php4-mcrypt php4-pgsql php4-sybase
> php4-cgi-curl php4-cgi-mysql php4-dbase php4-imagick
> php4-mhash php4-ps php4-syck
> php4-cgi-domxml php4-cgi-pgsql php4-dbtcp php4-imap
> php4-ming php4-recode php4-tclink
> php4-cgi-gd php4-cgi-snmp php4-dev php4-interbase
> php4-mysql php4-rrdtool php4-xml
> php4-cgi-imagick php4-cgi-xml php4-domxml php4-kadm5
> php4-odbc php4-sablot php4-xslt
> Install debian and you will be cured.
> The installer can be downloaded here: