Subject tikiFirebird and bitweaver
Author Lester Caine
It's been a while coming, but the Firebird powered wiki site is running
and stable
Not much in the way of content yet, apart from the words list, which has
been split down into single letter pages, and just a few logos to start
the gallery.

It is powered by bitweaver which is the new name for tikipro. There has
been a major re-write of the code, much like Firebird, but now there is
a clean modular shell onto which other packages can be grafted.

It runs on Apache/PHP which means any OS you like, and your favourite
installation of Firebird. I'm running the demo sites split across two
machines, Firebird on one and Apache2/PHP5 on the second, and all
running 'as installed'.

The magic bit is that bitweaver will install using Firebird as the
database 'out of the box'. Just tell the installer where your copy of
isql is located (the default location is provided) and the bitweaver
installer will do the rest. Add an alias before you start and you can
use that in the install.

Now we just need a few more users to iron out any remaining bugs and
start to build Firebird pages.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services