Subject Input arrays for use in stored procedures?
Author willogibbo
Hi all

I am developing a web based application using PHP with Firebird 1.5.
Certain pages take input from the user to update tables in the
database - all quite normal.

In some instances I have a form on which the user can change values
down a column in a recordset. I would like to be able to take these
multiple input values, as an array, and use them as input for a stored
procedure that does the updates as one "batch" (rather than construct
a loop in PHP, i.e.outside Firebird, that ends up doing multiple
individual ordinary update queries).

Question is, therefore, how is it possible to use multiple values i.e.
an array, as input parameter for a stored procedure, and for the SP to
loop through and process these values?

Thanks, Will

(this question posted to both this and Firebird-Support forum as I'm
not sure which is best?)