Subject Re: [firebird-php] How to capture exceptions?
Author Thomas Beckmann
>>The problem is that firebird exceptions (as raised by "select 1/0 from
> This does raise an error. Not on prepare, but when you try to fetch the
> records. The reason is that the expresion isn't calculated until you try to fetch.
Ok, this seems to be true for the second problem (an exception raised by a
firebird procedure), too.

> The script you wrote above is isql
> script, not PHP one. You should do something like:
> $res = ibase_query('execute procedure e_test_ex');
> if (!$res) echo ibase_errmsg();
I sure did :-) it seemed to be the shortest way to show you the problem...

Thank you (and all others) for your help, I did not expect the problem to
show up this late (on fetching data instead of querying - but somehow, it's
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