Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: OT: Connect PHP to DB2 and Cloudscape via PDO
Author Jochem Maas
Lester Caine wrote:
> (bt bouncing yahoo email connections - so via web ;) )
> Jochem Maas wrote:
>>BTW - PDO is not meant to be a replacement for ADOdb but a replacement
>>for the functionality on which ADOdb is built, i.e. std mechanisms for
>>DB access not abstraction of DB functionality.
> It just takes a different approach to 'abstraction' of some of the

well lets agree to differ on this point, I really feel that PDO is
not about abstraction in this sense. PDO (conceptually) makes abstraction
more straight forward. plenty to talk about in any case :-)

> functionality - and produces results that are not totally compatible
> even with it's own drivers - as I understand some of the 'comments'

that's a question of the implementation needing to mature some more,
i don't think anyone expects it to work 'perfectly' out of the box!

>>>sell it :)
>>>If there is to be an active PDO port for Firebird we need someone to
>>>take over managing it!
>>'we' don't _need_ PDO_Firebird. but in the not so distant future it
> may make
>>a great addition to the functionality available to us fbird/php-ers
> I think THAT is the problem. *WE* don't need it, but people will need
> it if they are going to be convinced to switch to Firebird. So we do

WHY?? why do other need PDO to get started but we can manage with the
'std' (<-- bad wording me thinks) extension...?

If you want to convince more people (i.e. Average-Joe-PHP-Hacker)
to use Firebird then I would suggest is that they need a simple
tutorial that explains to said Joe:

A. how to create/manage an Firebird DB. (3 choices spring to mind:
1. web interface
2. IBExpert
3. isql

B. how to make use of some of the cool FB features:
1. Calculated Fields
2. Triggers / Checks / Constraints
3. Stored Procedures.

C. a fly-weight php DB [abstraction] layer, probably a [set of] class.

... well it's an idea.

> need to try and get it at least working!

I don't really agree - I think that php5 is suffering a little from too many new
features which aren't fully completed but more importantly are either only
partially documented or just relatively unknown. for instance how many developers
make extensive use of the Reflection api?

>>don't forget that the firebird/ibase extension is of itself one of the
>>best in php land (IMHO) - hey how (free) DBMS' allow you to perform
>>a single transaction accross multiple DBs from with php?
> Not the only example, but certainly why I'm probably with Ard - and
> not bothering with PDO.