Subject Re: Installing on Win32
Author sgharp
--- In, Lester Caine <lester@l...> wrote:
> sgharp wrote:
> > The first section of the phpinfo() shows
> > Configuration File (php.ini) Path C:\WINDOWS
> >
> > And this is from the C:\Windows\php.ini and points to the correct
> > extension path
> > ; Directory in which the loadable extensions (modules) reside.
> > extension_dir = "C:\PHP\ext\"
> > ;;;;
> > extension=php_gd2.dll
> > extension=php_interbase.dll
> > ;;;;
> OK - we seem to be making SOME progress. The next thing to try is
> switching on other extensions and see that they appear in phpinfo()
> Is the GD section actually showing the version 2 of the graphics
> interface is running - just to confirm it IS seeing your first
> > I don't have an interbase section in the output of phpinfo(). The
> > fact that I can run phpinfo() verifies that Apache and PHP are
> > installed Ok. What else can it be. I've verified that
> > C:\PHP\ext\php_interbase.dll exists. Is there a way to test the
> > validity of that DLL?
> Normally if the firebird dll can't be found, apache gives an error
> message when you start it - saying php_interbase can't be started.
> I presume that firebird IS actually running as well? Would not stop
> apache starting if it is not, but it would help to know. A quick check
> for gds32.dll would be a good idea - make sure you destroy the old copy
> that is still shipped with PHP!
I'm not seeing a GD section either. I've renamed the gds32.dll to
gds32.dll-Old and restarted the server. Still no good. Firebird's
service is definitely running. I use it all the time for desktop

Would it be helpful for me to post the phpinfo() output?