Subject Numeric (and very strange) Error...
Author gustavo_0002000

I'll try to explain my proplem as clear as posible... English isn't my
native language so i'll do my best...

I have 2 aplications... One DELPHI v7 coded using IBX v7.01 controls
and one made in PHP runing on APACHE v2 and PHP v5.0.2...

My server is FIREBIRD 1.5RC2. (I was using initially IB 6.01)

The database was originaly generated and initially populaten running
on IB 6.01...

Ok... Here is the thing...

In one table I have a NUMERIC(15,8) field. (This happens in all
NUMERICS or DECIMALS)... Not in Floats or Integers.

When accesing the records in DEPLHI everything is fine... When
accesing in PHP I have this strange problem, here is an example:

In then DB is stored the value 325000.00000000
Delphi returns the value ok... (IBExpert shows me the values OK too.)
PHP returns 32500.00000000 (Ten times less)

This is very stange to me... One some long ago I had the same problem
when trying to recompile in DELPHI 2005 the exact same code as the D7
aplication I had a similar error... (That time I thought about the
D2005 IBX implementation)

It could be because the original DB and the original Delphi App where
"expecting" to work with the older IB DB?...

The PHP problem is new, because I was using PHP 4.2 and the same exact
App runned fine (until the upgrade of PHP, this morning)...

I don't want give up this time (as I wrongly did with D2005)... I want
to know whats happening because this is too stange...

Maybe the problem with the gds32.dll. (I replaced all those in my PC
with the Firebird ones).

I'm open to any kind of sugestion... I did a lot of things trying to
correct this, but I'm not putting my "tryings" here because those
explanations will make this post even more confusing.

Ok... I'm in your hands now... Of course I'm still working on this...

TIA, Gustavo.