Subject Re: [firebird-php] Webserver crash due to Ibase problems
Author Jochem Maas
Lester Caine wrote:
> Mikael Krogius wrote:
>>Even ridiculous ideas and suggestions are very welcome!

try ibase_pconnect() iso ibase_connect() ?

increase the memory/connections available/used by firebird?
(I love to know more about tuning myself!)

use a RAM disk for storing temp data (for firebird and php)?

make sure you are not suffering from problems related to locking
of session files (which can be a problem for concurrency, because
requests from a single browser can pile up when then all want to start/use
the session, rather than being handle in parallel)

> Well starting with a pre-production copy of Firebird was probably not a
> good idea, back porting the data will be difficult, but may be necessary
> in the short term. It would be nice to know hoe FB1.5 performs!
> Try starting your own transaction after starting the connection and
> close it at the end. The default stuff seems a little less than robust,
> and you can set your own settings.
> Also - have you disabled sweep - not sure on FB2, but on FB1.5 running
> that 'out of hours' prevents it kicking off just when a big update
> startes ;)

what is 'sweep'?