Subject Re: Webserver crash due to Ibase problems
Author Mikael Krogius
Thanks Lester,

> Well starting with a pre-production copy of Firebird was
> probably not a good idea, back porting the data will be

Over time it has been running on Interbase 6, 7, 7,1, 7.5 and Firebird
1.5 (a year ago or so) etc, but as some of these earlier versions
caused problems and didn't want to pay the Interbase fees so we ended
up running it on FB2.

> Try starting your own transaction after starting the
> connection and close it at the end. The default stuff
> seems a little less than robust, and you can set your
> own settings.

I have tried both using a transaction with ibase_query() and with
ibase_prepare() + _execute(). It seems that using transactions is more
stable, and it also reveals some deadlocks that was not visible
without transactions. But nevertheless, it still keeps going haywire.

> Also - have you disabled sweep - not sure on FB2, but
> on FB1.5 running that 'out of hours' prevents it kicking
> off just when a big update startes ;)

No, I have not tried disabling sweep. In fact, I set the sweep to a
lower value at some point. I think I better try to recreate the tables
with FB1.5 and Pump the data into those tables.

I'll post if I get it working, in the meantime more suggestions are
welcome :)