Subject Firebird, PHP and MacOS X
Author thiessenstuart
I have a Mac OS X (10.3.5) and I downloaded the Firebird installer for
Mac OS X and installed it. I couldn't find a way to get PHP to look
at Firebird. So I tried to download the PHP source and set up PHP with
Apache support and Firebird support. Unfortunately, I get errors which
say that it cannot find libib_util or libgds. I look at my Firebird
installation and it only shows the headers and not any libraries.

So, I downloaded the source for Firebird in hopes of compiling it and
it would not compile ... having trouble with libtoolize, if I recall
correctly. While I have done some programming (mostly Basic and Perl),
I am not yet a C/C++ programmer, so I am not sure whether this process
would be simple enough or not ... or if the compiler project for Mac
OS X even outputs the libraries I am looking for in the first place.

I am a bit stumped as to how to proceed. I was hoping to set up my Mac
laptop as my development server where I designed the look and feel of
my applications and then transfer the PHP files and the database
description files to my production server later.

Any help you can point me to would be appreciated. I did comb the web
for specific support for Firebird, PHP, and MacOS X before submitting
this inquiry, but was not able to find anything that address
specifically my situation. I am posting here because it is the
Firebird libraries that PHP needs in order to set up the functions to
access Firebird.


Stuart Thiessen