Subject Re: [firebird-php] Firebird exception handling
Author Almad
On Tuesday 07 of September 2004 01:20, Alan McDonald wrote:
> quite a few of us here use an abstraction layer. ezSQL and adoDB both
> return exceptions to the calling functions. not sure if this is what you
> mean Alan

Well, I wan't to knew _how_ do they do it ;)

Maybe I'm stupid, but when I looked at adoDB and tried

include(''); # load code common to ADOdb
$DB =

# No need for Connect or PConnect when using URI syntax
SLOT FROM PROC_RS_GET_USER_PARAMS('almad', '".md5("blah")."')";
$result = $DB->Execute($Q);

while (!$result->EOF){
echo $result->fields[1] . " - " . $result->fields[2] . "\n";
echo $DB->ErrorMsg();

I got __absolutely no__ output.

Well, when I add after last line

/* try normally*/

then I get:

Warning: ibase_fetch_assoc() [function.ibase-fetch-assoc]: exception 1
Unauthorized access! in /var/www/webroot/adodb/pokus.php on line 17

Any suggestions, please?

Thank You,
Lukas "Almad" Linhart