Subject Firebird exception handling
Author almad_cz

I'm building a project with firebird 1.5 and testing it also with
apache 2 and php 5.

PHP application will be just one from many interfaces, some other
client-side application is also planned, so i wan't to have some
exception handling in firebird, not something as returning exception
number which will be stored externally.

F.e., I call an exception when user calls an exception from procedure
AUTHORIZE_USER and fill bad username or password.

Now, when I try to make some exception handling in php, i don't knew
how to do it.
Exception is written as an "non-eye-candy" php _warning_ and not when
calling ibase_query, but ibase_fetch_*:

Warning: ibase_fetch_assoc() [function.ibase-fetch-assoc]: exception 1
Unauthorized access! in /var/.../globals.php on line 49

Now, what I would like is *some* way to fetch an exception number
and/or text some variable/array, so I will be free to modify it.

Or, at least, i want to exception occured as error, not warning...

I tried to use google, but nothing found...

Any suggestions, please?

Thank You,

Lukas "Almad" Linhart