Subject Migration from Clarion To AdoDb + PHP
Hi people.

I'm a newbie in PHP, i have been programing very basic scripts so
i want to improve my knowledge in this topic.

I used to program only apps for desktop enviroments, using
Clarion and FireBird. but i really want to migrate from desktops apps
to web Apps using Firebird and PHP.

I read about AdoDb but i don't know if there is another tool that i
can use to develop Cool Web apps.

i would like to know if somebody knows
where can i find good examples about how to use AdoDb with
PHP+FireBird or Tools that i can use for web developing.

I have read the doc's included with AdoDB, but in my opinion they
where very basic.

for example, how can i modify the class that can let my show a
resulset in HTML.

At the same time, i want to program a system y password verification
for each user. and forms to view and edit information.

Any suggestions are well recived.

Thanks :D