Subject Re: [firebird-php] Pop-up problem
Author Milan Babuskov
Lester Caine wrote:
> Apologies for posting here, but I am just getting flames on the other
> lists, and at least people are polite here ;)
> I have a section of code that is working fine, a <DIV> is populated from
> the database, and builds a pop-up for the page that is working nicely in
> production. The problem is that on ONE site, Internet Explorer is
> displaying the pop-up as another section at the top of the page. Not all
> machines on the site are showing the problem. The rogue section works,
> and advances to the selection requested, but it refuses to display as a
> simple pop-up. Run Mozilla a problem machine and it is fine, so it's IE
> that has the problem ( and the customer insists on IE ;) ). Anybody seen
> this - only thing I can see obvious is the level of 'security fixes'
> added to the machines ( none are the same :) ) and some later 'fix'
> seems to be the cause, but I can't see anything common and I can't
> create the problem at home.

Which version of IE?

If it is not the latest one, you could simply try to upgrade it (solved
many problems for me).

You can also go to Tools -> Internet options and try to tweak some
options (esp. in "Advanced").

It is also possible that your customer has some 3rd-party plugin
installed in IE (that he may not even be aware of). Some of those can be
detected with ad-aware or similar program.


Milan Babuskov