Subject RE: [firebird-php] firebird and phpBB
Author Alan McDonald
how fast is it?
Fast, I haven't noticed any delays.
does it have any bloatware in it? (e.g. AdoDB?)
No, it has /includes/db/

and firebird

declaring class sql_db.

I know I'm a
little rude here but I mean it's a heavy weight solution...
Do you know other forum working with firebird?

[Alan McDonald]
no - not yet

I think that phpBB is quite popular.
[Alan McDonald] yes - there's a few around but phpBB has a good share
And maybe has the biggest base of users.
How does it compare with MySQL in erms of responsiveness?
I think that quit good, why not?
Do you have it running on *nix or windows?
On unix.
is the db server on the same box or another one
to the web server?

The same box.

We need supply my client CMS (our own) with forum (We don't to write our
own) and I've though that phpbb is good choice. Would you advise me better
solution (working with firebird)?
[Alan McDonald] No - I don't have a better solution with FB. I have written
my own cut down CMS versions for several sites with FB, I'm using Mambo CMS
at the moment with MySQL for full blown solutions - Mambo has built in
components with a few choices of BB. But as with a lot of these things,
bloatware bogs the site down much more so than the DB server. MySQL is fast
but not so much with Mambo. I think FB would perform much the same. My cut
down versions of CMS sites with FB perform as well as a lot of larger type
CMSs with MySQL but I'm sure it's because the page code is lean.

Daniel Urban

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