Subject Re: [firebird-php] any one use sohlius web host?
Author Lester Caine
marius popa wrote:

>>I have a somewhat different experience. Win2000 server worked flawlessly
>>(almost as Linux), while with Win2003 I experienced the problem you
>>described (getting the first page) so much that it became annoying for
>>users. And I couldn't find any way to tweak the system to avoid it.

I've not bothered with 2003 - If pushed then it's a switch to Linux :)

> You could try apache + php on windows if don't want to install it on
> linux , it works better than iis + isapi module and yes 2003 is slower
> than 2000 (there were some benchmarks somewhere)

I had IIS with PHP on a W2k machine and it IS slower than Apache2+PHP on
the same machine. Since loosing the need for ASP on that machine users
are happier ;) ( Yes - I could run both IIS and Apache on the machine,
but that slowed everything down ! )

Lester Caine
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