Subject RE: [firebird-php] PHP Interbase/FB connect
Author Alan McDonald
Make sure your password is correct. If you installed FB 1.5
then you need to change the default password. FB 1.5 no
longer uses "masterkey" as default.

Look for SYSDBA.passwod file in /opt/firebird

the rpm didn't work and the install script method does works but does not
create this password file. (masterkey is the password)
In any case I'm not trying to connect to localhost, I only installed FB to
get the client libs to make the php module against.
I can connect to the server on the RH9 box and I can connect from the RH9
box to the remote box in question using ISQL.
It would seem that it's PHP4.2 (default on the RH9 install) or something
else that's causing it.