Subject Re: [firebird-php]�PHP�Report�Tool
Author Lester Caine
Almond Wong wrote:

> I did some search and found that there is no good report generator on pure
> php. Most gpl'ed report writer is using java and xml. The best I see is
> jasperreports.
> If you think isolate report logic and format is not a problem. Latex may
> be a good choice. It can provide all the document formatting features and
> provide html, postscript and pdf output from one single source.
> One can use smarty or other template to isolate latex source and php code.
> FYI, SQL-Ledger (in perl) use latex as the main report engine.
> Anybody has any other suggestion ? Both columnar report and form type report.
>>Anybody found a decent tool for adding reports to a PHP application?
>>I've found a few old packages, but nothing that is really tidy.
>>I may have to use FastReport and hide it in the background :)

That seems to agree with what I've found.
jasperreports looks the best bet at the moment - unless I look at adding
something to ADOdb ;)

Lester Caine
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