Subject RE: [firebird-php] Creating extension for RPM based systems
Author Dariusz Zelichowski
You seem to have experimented quite a bit there so I'm not
sure whether your dependencies and config files are still

Perhaps you may want to reinstall your RH 9.0 and make sure
you select development tools during package selection.
Default selectionis suficient.

As for the flex stuff, look for flex-2.5.31.tar.bz2 in
google. type in in google exactly as in the line below,
including qutoes:


That should give you direct links to downloads.
Apache is not really the issue. It works OK. I am running
Mandrake 10 Official with Apache 2 and PHP 3.4.5 against
Firebird 1.5.

Btw. Mandrake seems a lot faster than RH 9.0.

--- Alan McDonald <alan@...> wrote:

> I can now ./configure OK but hen I try to make I get a
> string errors about
> undelcared identifiers and no such file or directory..
> I've deleted the
> configure cache file and I get a clean configure. I've
> tried to find if it's
> a missing apxs tool but I can't find if there is a
> separate rpm for this. I
> do have mod_so.c listed and I've installed bison.
> I don't suppose you have any other clues about what I
> need?
> I've had to install firebird via the tar ball - the rpm
> won't work at all -
> it's up and running OK.
> I've got apache 2.0 - not sure if that has anything to do
> with it - apache 2
> comes with RH9.
> Alan

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