Subject PHP Interbase/FB connect
Author Alan McDonald
phew, I' think I'm nearly there...
I've configured OK, I've done a make OK, I have placed the file
into the usr/lib/php4 directory, I've created an interbase.ini file with the
extension line in it, I've rebooted, and phpinfo() shows me that interbase
extension is up and running..
Now I can also do a simple ISQL connect to a remote database (from this
server) and select rows no problems.
BUT I cannot get php to do a connect!
it seems to spit the dummy completely at ibase_connect.. no error reporting,
no warnings, and the page gets spat out at that point. I can write any old
garbage on the page after the ibase_connect line (local database or remote)
and php stays silent..
anyone have any great ideas for me.. please?