Subject Problem syntax SQL from PHP to Firebird 1.5
Author Tomas Holenda TH SOFT
I have two tables

When I execute SQL from IBexpert or isql o linux - this is not problem.

SELECT lide.login, filtry.AP FROM lide
LEFT JOIN filtry ON lide.filtr=filtry.id_filtry
WHERE filtry.ap like '%sud%'

When execute same SQL from PHP (4.3.6) on linux RedHat 9 and
Firebird 1.5 . PHP say error :

Dynamic SQL Error SQL error code = -206 Column unknown FILTRY.AP At line 4,
column 12.

Coloumn filtry.ap is o.k. and I mean problem with syntax on PHP ....

Please help me !!! (Sorry me Eng.)

Tomas Holenda