Subject Re: [firebird-php] Re: Can't build php-4.3.6 with firebird 1.5 support
Author Daniel Urban
--- In, "Daniel Urban" <daniel@s...> wrote:
> Maybe you should create symlink /usr/local/firebird/lib/
> to ./ ?

I look at my files and I see what
/usr/lib/ is a symlink to /usr/local/firebird/lib/

Can I remove this symlink and create new pointing to on
a system with _runing_ firebird ? Is it safe ?

So I think you can change it to

From 1.5.ReleaseNotes : only-Change the client library link for

between the multithreaded and the single threaded library that allows

an embedded direct open of the db file. For compatibility with previous installs, by

default points to

If you don't use embedded firebird you can change ore remove this symlink (I think)

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