Subject Re: [firebird-php] Can't build php-4.3.6 with firebird 1.5 support
Author Przemysław Nogaj
> I have installed firebird 1.5 database on linux system.
> Firebird installed in /usr/local/firebird.
> I try to configure php with command:
> configure --with-interbase=/usr/local/firebird
> but configure says:
> .... skipped configure output ....
> checking for InterBase support... yes
> checking for isc_detach_database in -lgds... no
> checking for isc_detach_database in -lib_util... no
> configure: error: libgds or libib_util not found! Check config.log for
> more information.
> Can you help me ?

I had simillar problem on FirebirdCS1.5 (there was symlinks to
and, and file libib_utils exists).

I have installed FirebirdSS1.5 and all is fine. I don't know the reason,
but it works.