Subject Re: osCommerce and Firebird
Author Peter Richards
Hi Lester,

--- In, Lester Caine <lester@l...> wrote:
> Quite a few tweaks on SQL if I remember, but it was two months ago

Okay, no doubt more work than I realise, I'll run it through Beyond
Compare, and see a whole lot more of the modifications.

> My son needed a non-asp shop package quickly so I just had a quick
> look and found that the bulk of the changes needed little effort so
> for it ;)

It's great that you did it, it may encourage the osCommerce team to
move it up higher in the list of priorities. I can't blame you for
preferring to use a PHP app rather than ASP, and osCommerce really
does have a fantastic forum, and over 1800 free contributions.

> If I had more time I would have probably gone for an ADOdb port,
> that would have been a lot more work - I think.

I was trying out 'advanced form' the other night, and from memory,
that needed ADOdb ?

> > Searched for string 'oscommerce', only got 2 hits, this thread.
> 11/10/2004 but only a couple more messages

Oh, okay, I must have been aslepp again. :)

Thanks again, great job,