Subject Problem with ADODB and transaction handling
Author mi_whitebrook_13
i've seen some ADODB+Firebird users on this list and wanted to ask you
if you've ever noticed a problem with transaction handling. i've found
the following suspicious line in
$this->_transactionID =

this looks to me like there is no transaction started at all (because
it is commented out). an explicit rollback works, but if the script
stops with some error (or by calling die()) everything gets commited
to the database.

John Lim of ADODB said that ibase_trans() would cause crashes on some
systems and that's why this line is commented out.
So i'm hoping that someone will try to put ibase_trans back in place
and test transaction handling. For me everything works correctly after
after uncommenting ibase_trans like:
$this->_transactionID = ibase_trans($this->ibasetrans,