Subject RE: [firebird-php] auto increment last insert
Author Nigel Weeks
> Hi Nige
> If I may call you that?<g> (I am very apprehensive in this NG
> after some
> hostile reaction, I am still consulting with with my analyst
> about this<g>)

I don't like being told to 'RTFM' I try to give verbose examples
with lots of documentation in them...sorry!

I guess the main reason the for 'RTFM' occurance, and I mean absolutely no
offence by this, is that a lot of people are coming from MySQL usage, and
thusly some questions get asked very frequently.

This might be an ideal example case to put up on the Wiki page for Firebird,
so people on the list can say:
'Hey, take a look at this address! You'll find all the tricks you need!'

> Thx for this very detailed response - I really appreciate it!
> I notice that you did not tell me to just RTFM, and nothing else!
> That was very mature of you<g> It seems that the trend is in
> the opposite
> direction. PITY!

I'd have to say the trend isn't in the opposite direction, it just
occasionally (and very rarely) has rough patches :-)

> We are all supposed to be in the same boat - and all of us
> learning from one
> another? Apparently not<g>

We are in the same boat alright! Firebird is still an 'UnderDog' database.
Not many people have heard of it, and we need to be as positive,
professional, and supportive as possible.
The good thing is, people are hearing about it! And it's a ball-tearer of an

Do hang around!! Don't be turned of by an 'RTFM', there's some fantastic
people here!

> As it is late, it is now Thursday here already, I will study
> this later
> today!
> Thx once again for the answer, and THX for staying in the
> SPIRIT of it all!
> Greetings

No worries, mate!