Subject Re: [firebird-php] Making PHP aware of Firebird
Author Milan Babuskov
Scott Taylor wrote:
> Scott Taylor said:
>>Milan Babuskov said:
>>>I suggest you try to write a small php script to connect, select
>>>data, display it on screen and bail out... that way you'll know
>>>it's ibWebAdmin or PHP related problem.
>>Good idea. It appears an Apache child process is seg faulting. PHP
>>I'm guessing. :(
> Ahyup, my bad. Grabbed the wrong version of PHP4 the first time.
> Helps to run modules compiled for the version you are running. =P

When I enable new module in php.ini, I always go to the console and
type: php

It reports error if any, or just wait for input if everything is ok.
This should be the fastest way to check whether extension is loaded.

Milan Babuskov