Subject Re: [firebird-php] Making PHP aware of Firebird
Author Scott Taylor
Scott Taylor said:

> So where do I get this file? It doesn't come with
> interbase or firebird, that I can see.

OK, I found it, have to compile PHP regardless, just don't install it.

So the complete answer (Linux RPM world) would be:

Get the PHP source from

untar it:
tar xvfz php-*.tar.gz

cd to the untared base dir:
cd php-4*

compile it with ib support:
./configure --with-interbase=shared,/opt/interbase


cp the module to /usr/lib/php4:

cp modules/ /usr/lib/php4

Add the line:

to the /etc/php.ini file in the Dynamic Extentions section

Now it should just work.

So close. Now I can run ibWebAdmin-0.91. I can create new database
but it will not stay connected. I'm using Mozilla 1.4 on the
localhost. Mozilla gives a popup saying the page contained no data.

Anyone run across this problem before?