Subject Re: [firebird-php] Making PHP aware of Firebird
Author Scott Taylor
Milan Babuskov said:

> Scott Taylor wrote:
>> Lester Caine said:
>>>>I want to make my PHP on box 1 aware of my Firebird on box 2. PHP
>>>> is
>>>>currently Firebird-enabled.
>>>Simply enable php_interbase module in php.ini.
>> How so? I see many other database sections in this file but nothing
>> for Firebird or Interbase. So you have the actual lines needed to
>> do
>> this?
> Just search php.ini file, you should have a line like this:
> ;extension=php_interbase.dll
> Just remove the semi-colon (on Windows). For Linux, change it to be:

OK, I added the line:

in the
; Dynamic Extensions ;
section, just like the example there.

Now I get this. :(

Your php installation misses the interbase support!
Recompile php and configure --with-interbase[=DIR]
or edit your php.ini to load respectively interbase.dll.

So where do I get this file? It doesn't come with
interbase or firebird, that I can see.