Subject Field names case preservation
Author Didier Gasser-Morlay
Hi folks,

While lurking into the dev list of Firebird, I saw a suggestion that
for 2.0, could be 'case preserving' for fields names, table names ...

Case insensitive meaning that it doesn't matter how you
type an object name: TBLCUSTOMERS = tblCustomers = tblcustomers =
TbLCustOMerS but so that when you use soemthign like IBObjects or D7
intellisense, the object comes up the way you created it. So if you
created it as tblCustomers it always comes up tblCustomers unless you
decide to change it manually.


and all this without the double quote business.

In a case-sensitive language like PHP, do you see this as a benefit or
a drawback ? Surely this would have an impact on quite a number of PHP
scripts. I could be a good time to have a think about this.