Subject Serious PHP question
Author Lester Caine
> Nope. I put that in the example to prevent the idea that the original
> $name->STR_TEST had any size or quoting inside it.
> In my application, it's rattling though an array of varchars(with spaces) -
> doing a prepare every time(just using ibase_query) makes it run incredibly
> slow...
> If the string has spaces, it dies.
> I've just had an idea, that may be the cause...nope. Dies silently(and stops
> all output)
> Anyone got it going?
> Shall I submit a PHP bug?

It may be worth trying on the php-db list. -> Databases and PHP
I've had a quick scan, but not can't see and current answer.

The other thing is perhaps to look at ADOdb which seems to
go a good job at some other 'conversions'.

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> no php exp but just a thought:
> have you tried calling the stored proc with
> $rec = ibase_execute($prep,$name->STR_TEST);
> ie. is the assignation to $extravar causing the problem?
> bill
> Nigel Weeks wrote:
>>>$prep = ibase_prepare("SELECT * FROM SP_FIND(?)");
>>>while($name = (gets set from another query - but can contain spaces)){
>>> $extravar = $name->STR_TEST; // Put it into another variable
>>> $rec = ibase_execute($prep,$extravar);
>>>--------if $extravar has spaces, it dies--------
>>> $rec = ibase_execute($prep,'$extravar');
>>>--------it dies all the time, "Value '?' unknown" -----------

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