Subject ibase_query return no resource id
Author juri4242
We have PHP 4.3.4, apace 2.0.48 and Firebird 1.5 RC7 installed on a
red hat 9 system.

We have the following html page:

'SYSDBA', '****'

'ISO8859_1', '1000', '');

echo("db_connect_id = $db_connect_id<br>");
echo ("Select: <br>");
$stmt = "Select ROLLE,DBNAMEN from BENUTZER";
$q_handel=ibase_query($db_connect_id, $stmt);

echo("q_handel = $q_handel<br>");

$row = ibase_fetch_row($q_handel);
echo("$row[0], $row[1] <br>");

Then we got two different errors. Most we got the result:

db_connect_id = Resource id #2
q_handel = 1

Warning: ibase_fetch_row(): supplied argument is not a valid InterBase
result resource in /db/www/test-fb.php on line 22

Sometimes the ibase_query request results an ID string. Then we have a
different output:

db_connect_id = Resource id #2
q_handel = Resource id #3

Warning: ibase_fetch_row(): Dynamic SQL Error SQL error code = -804
Incorrect values within SQLDA structure in /db/www/test-fb.php on line 29

Any help or suggestions are welcome