Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] New Batch interface
Hello, Mark! Thanks for the answer!

I realized that is a very difficult task - implementation of wire protocol version 16, at least for me.

But I'm interested in native implementation of new OO API. In short, i'm trying to expand existing interface of fbclient by adding new methods, such as fb_get_master_interface and so on. But there is fbjava plugin (, that already has new interfaces implementation. What do you think about using this plugin in jaybird? Does it make sense to use it as a library(license restriction?)? Or jaybird must have its own implementation?

I don't think that native implementation without wire protocol will be useful to all, but. In the future, when implementing wire protocol, native one can be corrected for compatibility (i don't think it will be difficult). In any case, with any results, i will inform.