Subject Inconsistent behavior with SRP on version 3
Author Paul McCormack

Hey, had fun installing Firebird 3.0.3 and jaybird 3.0.3. into my tomcat development playground...


Once I had RTFM’d and got the example db to work correctly with ISQL, I turned my attention to Jaybird. As I was using version 3 I modified firebird.conf to enable WireCrypt


WireCrypt = Enabled


My JSP test still gave an exception “org.firebird.sql.GDS.GDSException:” If I remember correctly.(Sorry, I didn’t record it)


I then changed firebird.conf as follows:


AuthServer = Srp, Legacy_Auth

AuthClient = Srp, Win_Sspi, Legacy_Auth


Restarted firebird and my jsp page worked.(Its a simple test and it worked under previous versions)


But I read that Jaybird 3.0.3 should support Srp so I edited firebird.conf


AuthServer = Srp

#AuthClient = Srp, Win_Sspi, Legacy_Auth


Restarted the server... It worked.


Ok – last edit


#AuthServer = Srp

#AuthClient = Srp, Win_Sspi, Legacy_Auth


Restarted server and its still working...... at this point I’m lost... thought I should make someone aware.




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