Subject Encoding problem when using Jaybird to access Firebird with Java
Author Valério
I'm using Jaybird driver to access data from a Firebird Database through Web
Service. The connection is made using JDBC. There is no problem in
connection itself, but in the content gathered from database. After data has
been gathered from database, I parse the objects using Gson, a Google
library to parse Java objects into JSON. Finally, we send the resulting JSON
response to a GET request in Web Service, but response content is wrongly

Example: I did a GET Request in following URL: ---> http: // localhost: 8081
/ WSVendasExternas / company / search <--- and my Web Service get data from
Firebird through Jaybird driver, parse objects using Gson library. Then,
response content was sent with wrong character encoding.

I am trying to connect using the following JDBC URL: jdbc: firebirdsql: C: /MY_DATABASE.FDB?charSet = utf-8

Even specifying charset in JDBC URL, I still get the following result:

Descrição: Descrição: Encoding error example

As you can see, some words seems broken. Has anyone already experienced this
or have any solution or suggestions?

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