Author Jan Agermose //

im trying to connect to a firebird 2.5 database from a java program. I get the error

GDS Exception. 335544323. file  is not a valid database

the server and client maschine are both windows server 2012, 64bit. 

the mainprogram using the database is working but is unrelated to me. Ive just been allowed to connect to the database to sync some of the data to a system Im developing. But I cannot. So its only my part not working. The other system is not java based. 

String url = "jdbc:firebirdsql://\\XXXX\\em\\data\\db\\XXXX\\XXXX.edb";
Connection connection = DriverManager.getConnection(url, "ww","ww");

why would it not be a valid database from java? 

best regards