Subject Jaybird 2.2.10 released
Author Mark Rotteveel
I have just released Jaybird 2.2.10.

The release can be downloaded from or

The release is also available on maven(*):


* The artifactId depends on your target Java version: jaybird-jdk18,
jaybird-jdk17, or jaybird-jdk16.

The following has been changed or fixed since Jaybird 2.2.9:

* Improvement: Transmit encrypted password (isc_dpb_password_enc and
isc_spb_password_enc) in pure java protocol (JDBC-406)
* Improvement: Specify isc_tpb_lock_timeout in transaction mapping
* Fixed: DatabaseMetaData.supportsGetGeneratedKeys does not report real
availability of generated keys feature (JDBC-412)
* Fixed: FBCachedClob throws SQLException instead of
SQLFeatureNotSupportedException (JDBC-414)
* Fixed: Transaction mapping cannot be configured through JDBC URL
* Fixed: FBSQLWarning.getMessage() could return null instead of message

More information will be available in the release notes at
(as soon as I can upload them).

Kind regards,
Mark Rotteveel
Mark Rotteveel