Subject Jaybird 2.2.9-SNAPSHOT available for testing
Author Mark Rotteveel
I just released Jaybird 2.2.9-SNAPSHOT for testing. It is available
from: and
on the sonatype snapshot repository for Maven.

This is a pre-release version for testing purposes.

The major change in 2.2.9 is the introduction of an (experimental)
option to use isc_tpb_autocommit for JDBC auto-commit. See for details.

The following has been changed or fixed since Jaybird 2.2.8:

* Fixed: Result set of type CLOSE_CURSORS_AT_COMMIT isn't correctly
closed on commit (JDBC-307)

At commit the client side cursor is correctly closed; no explicit
close is sent to the server as the commit will take care of this. This
change may result in performance degradation if you use a lot of blobs
as those are now properly closed again, we will address this in JDBC-401
for Jaybird 3.0.

* New feature (experimental): Use isc_tpb_autocommit in auto commit mode

This option is enabled with the connection property
useFirebirdAutocommit, see Use isc_tpb_autocommit in auto commit mode
(experimental) for further details.
* Fixed: "Exception. couldn't close blob:
org.firebirdsql.gds.GDSException: invalid BLOB handle" on close of
connection obtained from DBCP data source. Fixed by fixing JDBC-307, see
above. (JDBC-400)

Known issues in Jaybird 2.2.9

* Connecting to Firebird 2.5 and earlier with a Firebird 3 fbclient.dll
may be slow with native connections, see CORE-4658. Workaround is to
connect to IPv4 address specifically.

Mark Rotteveel