Subject Re: Accessing Firebird via Jaybird for LibreOffice, tables with more than 41 records won't open
Author Keith Laten Williams
Mark Rotteveel wrote:
|  I am able to reproduce this
|  with LibreOffice base and your
|  test database. The cut off point
|  of 41 seems related to how
|  many records LibreOffice itself
|  caches.
Then it seems there is some divergence with Apache OpenOffice for which the number is 40.

Mark Rotteveel also wrote:
|  Contrary to my expectations,
|  the OpenOffice protocol
|  implementation in Jaybird
|  doesn't use holdable resultsets
|  by default. The fix is to specify
|  the connection property
|  defaultHoldable=true
|  in the connection string.
|  I will see if I can change this in
|  the next release of Jaybird.
Thank you for the fix and for your attempt to get this into the next Jaybird release. Arioch The, thank you, it appears your line of thinking bore fruit. I am happy to report that in my production database the additional connection property eliminated the error message I saw and caused the database to perform as expected (in both LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice). Mark, I will post a summary of the problem (and your fix) on a LibreOffice message board and on an Apache OpenOffice message board.

Enjoy the day,
Keith Laten Williams