Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Connection with JayBird
Author Marcos Carlos
Hi Mark,

   I use windows xp 32 bits and firebird 32 bits version 2.5. My database have 10MB.
   I have inside my program one routine that consult database every one second. I monitored this process and this grow up until crash. I review all of my program for closed statements and closed resultset but all is ok. I tried to use another version with jre 1.7.
  At this moment i use jmap and jconsole for more detailed information.

tks a lot,

Marcos de Lima Carlos
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2015-12-04 13:47 GMT-02:00 Mark Rotteveel mark@... [Firebird-Java] <>:

On 30-11-2015 18:24, Marcos Carlos mlimacarlos@... [Firebird-Java]
> My name is Marcos and this is my first message.
> I connect into firebird throught jaybird. My connection class is a
> singleton list bellow:
> ----
> private FBConnection(){
> Properties prop = new Properties();
> try{
> FileInputStream fileinput = new
> FileInputStream(App.workdir+"/resources/config/");
> prop.load(fileinput);
> Class.forName("org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBDriver");
> conn =
> DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:firebirdsql:"+prop.getProperty("host")+"/"+prop.getProperty("port")+":"+prop.getProperty("arquivo")+"?lc_ctype=utf8"
> ,prop.getProperty("user"),prop.getProperty("password"));
> }catch(Exception e){
> e.printStackTrace();
> }
> }
> ----
> I monitored firebird server in windows XP machine. When i open my
> java program the system memory increase until memory crash. If i close
> my program, firebird server process come back to normal.
> I closed every resultset and statement. I use jaybird 2.29 for jre
> 1.7. Does anyone have an idea?

You are not providing enough information. Could you answer the following

1. What is your Firebird version
2. Are you using Windows XP 32 bit or 64 bit?
3. If windows 64 bit, is your Firebird install 32 bit or 64 bit?
4. Is creating the connection as above sufficient to trigger the
problem, or do you need to actually do something inside your program. If
so: what does your program do?

Based on your current description alone, the problem is very likely a
known problem using a 64 bit Windows + a 64 bit Firebird 2.1.x or
earlier (and maybe some of the early 2.5s as well) with a database that
is larger than system memory.

Mark Rotteveel